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Munxar or Il-Munxar is a village which lies on the southern side of Gozo Island, Malta, close to the village of Sannat. It has its own local village council. As of November 2005, the Munxar population was 1,019.

The name Munxar is from the Maltese language; the English translation is "bucksaw" –the teeth of the saw are represented in the village flag.

Close by to this village, there is Xlendi Bay, a popular tourist resort engulfed in a fjord like inlet amongst high cliffs. Xlendi bay is a small fishing village, but is also an ideal bathing and diving resort especially in summer. Otherwise, foreigners and locals enjoy the late spring and early autumn sunsets often captured by artists or keen photographers.

The parish church, a small baroque temple built from the typical Maltese stone, is dedicated to St. Paul. It was built between 1914 and 1925 and was consecrated on 18 October 1925. Bishop Giuseppe Pace established it as a parish church on 12 December 1957. As a result, Munxar was the last village in Gozo to become an autonomous parish. The feast officially falls on the 10th of February which is also a national public holiday; however, the outside festivities are celebrated on the third Sunday of each May.

One of the people of note to have been born and lived in this village is Professor Joseph Aquilina.

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