Semi Finished Apartment

Sannat €158,400
REF: ADC258041
SANNAT - A new development of a high standard block of apartments located at the highest point of the quaint village of Sannat, offering splendid ODZ views including of Ta’ Cenc cliffs. Consisting of 1/2/3/4  bedrooms with en-suite, combined kitchen, dining, living, Optional Garages. Price includes High end finished common parts.
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Units & Plans

E13 bedroom€137,800SOLDView plan
E23 bedroom€155,820SOLDView plan
E32 bedroom€143,100View plan
E43 bedroom€143,100View plan
A11 bedroom€137,800View plan
A22 bedroom€132,500View plan
B13 bedroom€143,100SOLDView plan
B23 bedroom€153,700SOLDView plan
C14 bedroom€153,700View plan
C24 bedroom€164,300View plan
D13 bedroom€137,800View plan
D23 bedroom€137,800View plan
E53 bedroom€132,500View plan
E63 bedroom€143,100View plan
E73 bedroom€153,700SOLDView plan
E83 bedroom€148,400View plan
E93 bedroom€153,700View plan
F13 bedroom€143,100View plan
F24 bedroom€159,000View plan
A32 bedroom€148,400View plan
A42 bedroom€153,700View plan
B33 bedroom€143,100SOLDView plan
B43 bedroom€148,400SOLDView plan
C34 bedroom€164,300SOLDView plan
C44 bedroom€174,900SOLDView plan
D32 + study bedroom€148,400View plan
D42 + study bedroom€148,400View plan
E103 bedroom€148,400View plan
E113 bedroom€153,700View plan
E123 bedroom€159,000SOLDView plan
E133 bedroom€174,900View plan
E143 bedroom€159,000View plan
F33 bedroom€148,400View plan
F43 bedroom€164,300SOLDView plan
A52 bedroom€148,400SOLDView plan
A62 bedroom€153,700SOLDView plan
B53 bedroom€164,300SOLDView plan
B63 bedroom€169,600SOLDView plan
C54 bedroom€174,900SOLDView plan
C64 bedroom€185,500SOLDView plan
D52 + study bedroom€143,100View plan
D62 bedroom€212,000View plan
E152 bedroom€233,200View plan
E161 bedroom€206,700SOLDView plan
E171 bedroom€265,000SOLDView plan
E182 bedroom€259,700View plan
F53 bedroom€164,300View plan
F63 bedroom€180,200SOLDView plan
A71 bedroom€243,800SOLDView plan
B71 +study bedroom€270,300SOLDView plan
B82 bedroom€275,600SOLDView plan
C73 bedroom€286,200SOLDView plan
C83 bedroom€312,700SOLDView plan
D72 bedroom€265,000View plan
F71 bedroom€265,000SOLDView plan
Reference: ADC258041
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